Here are some pictures from Oktoberfest 2002 and 2003

Enjoy these pictures from Theresawisen and Munich!

Just me being me in front of the Castle

The world famous Glokenspiel

One of the many tents at Theresaweisen

Inside the Augestiner Tent

The travel krew inside the Augestiner

That is one big ass pretzel

All gone! Mmmmmmmmm!

Drinking with our German friends

More drinking with our German friends

The result of drinking with our German friends

Wolfgang and Melissa

Drink up little Richie. . . .PROST!

Klause and his woman!

Melissa sure does love the cops

"I'm prosit, I'm prosit. . . ."

Inside the Hofbrau Haus. . . birthplace of the Nazi party (do I look nervous?)