Meet The Krew (in no particular order)

Jim, Nancy, Jarvis, Rich, Polly, Andrew at the Braves Game

Rich, Charmaine, Julia, Jarvis, Deondra still bowling

Puff Doggy Dogg


Charmaine, Rich, Nice drawls, Rick, Julia, Brad at a scotch tasting in Los Angeles

This is me and my good friend Leticia hanging out in LA

Rich Leti and Leti's boyfriend Ozzie heading to 'The View' in Newport Beach

Rich and Regina at Ceci's house

Regina's crew - watch out fellas!

My dear friend Shannon seeing me off at the Airport

Puffy, Rich in Texas

My handsome Godson, Aodhan

The Nupes on the set of Any Given Sunday

Me and my boy Aaron in Vegas

Me and my Goddaughter, Shaikyra. . .how cute

Puffy, Rich, Shaikyra in Funkytown Fort Worth

Rich throwin up the YO!

Ron, Chad, and Rich after Chad's Wedding

My little angel!

Billy Nancy and Ray in the ATL

Check out my brother looking like Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all!

On the Linx

Mind if we play through?