Eurotrip 2006!!!

Leti and I took about two and a half weeks to tour Western Europe. We took close to 1000 pictures so I wasn't able to put them all on here. Here is a smattering of pictures from each city. Enjoy!


Leti hanging out in Buda

Leti and I in front of the Castle moat

A statue in Pest

Crossing the Danube

I think I can see up Leti's nose!

Over looking Buda from a hilltop in Pest

Chain Bridge

In the Castle in Pest

My what a large. . .watch!

Overlooking Buda


Statue of Motzart

This sure is a good looking toilet (WC)

Leti and the statue between two museums

History Museum

Knight Museum

Another statue

Keepin it gangsta

Another fountain

An Angel and a Saint. . .but which is which?

The courthouse (I think)

The business end of an elephant statue

On the train to Prague. . .is that Budvar?



The Main Square

Vltava River with the Czech Castle in the backgroung

Crossing the Vltava

The St. Charles Bridge

That's not photoshop. . .or is it?

Scenic Praha7

More of the same

Too bad we couldn't find any steps to climb

My favorite picture of the entire trip

Looking down on Prague

Prague wild life


Stefan, Wolfgang, and Leti

Same as above + 1

Fear the Louvens!

Me, Rebecca, Clause, Wolfgang, and Leti. . .Prost!

R is for Richie

In front of the Glockenspeil


Drinks on the Adriatic

Wolfgang wants to go fast

On the Rialto Bridge

Rebecca showing us her "good side"

Wolfgang, Leti, Rebecca, and I on the Rialto Bridge

Don't Jump!!!

Venice rush hour

On the block

Where the sidewalk ends

Rialto Bridge

Bon Appitite

The food was yummy (only one of us in this picture is pregnant)

San Marcos Square and Basillica


God's Angel

The stairs to ascend St. Peters Basillica

More stairs

How many stairs can there be?

The view was worth the climb

Atop San Pietro's Basillica

Me and Leti with the Italian Air Force's best pilots: Alessandro, Riccardo, and Ida!

One of a million fountains in Rome

Trevi Fountain

The Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

Sisteen Chapel

Ancient Rome

The overnight train to Paris with Dan and Sandra (2 of my favorite Canadians)


Venus De Milo

The bottom of the Louvre Pyramid (Where Dan Brown keeps the Holy Grail)

The Louvre

Arc De Triumph

Eiffel Tower

Chillin in the park

Notre Dame

The Siene River with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Same as above

From atop the Eiffel Tower

I...I think I'm gonna be sick

Sunset over downtown Paris viewed from the Eiffel Tower


Downtown Brussels at night

Downtown Brussels at night. . .again

Downtown Brussels at, you guessed it, night

Hanging out with the locals


The streets are quiet this morning

Scotland's most famous dog

The Castle

Kimberly and I having drinks

Me and some rando sharing a beer

The cold, gray streets of Scotland

A wee hagis