Spain Pictures May 28 Thru May 28 and June 30

Enjoy these pictures and a little musica!

Billy, Lieselle, Hans at the oldest resturant in the world, Casa Botin!

Billy, Lieselle, Rich at the town square

Spanish chicks sure like Billy!

Boy these streets are narrow

Lieselle, Hans, Billy at a quiet cafe

Elena, Francesca, Gabriela, Rich, Jim S. eating dinner

Rich at Palacio De Real

Jim L., Rich at the Bull Fights

Plaza De Toros. . . .Toro Toro!

Jim L., Rich at Palacio De Real

Rich, Jim S. Chillin at a sidewalk cafe

Maurice, Rich, Wendy, Melissa at a club

Andrea and Gabriela as cowgirls

Billy trying to be a pimp!

Thats my brother!

Trying to be like Billy

Rich and Gabriela at the party

Palacio Real

Plaza De Mayor

Plaza De Toros